Our Vision

At Adasina, we envision a world where the most influential financial systems are attuned to, and act upon, the needs of our most vulnerable communities and our planet.

Our Story

Adasina Social Capital is proud to be Black-owned and majority-operated by women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

We first began in 2018 as a social justice investing strategy, available through Robasciotti & Philipson. The strategy was intended to organize investors to stop giving their dollars to companies that exacerbate racial, gender, economic, and climate inequities.

In 2020, we launched Adasina Social Capital as a company dedicated to serving as a bridge between social justice movements and financial markets and the new home of our social justice investing strategy. Adasina expands upon our earlier work and makes our investment approach more accessible, enabling a larger variety of investors from different backgrounds to join our movement.

Our approach integrates People, Investments, Campaigns, and Education to provide transitional capital and an accessible model in which investors and social justice movements have the resources to leverage the current financial markets in pursuit of a more regenerative future – one in which all people and the planet can thrive.

Adasina is a registered investment advisory firm, founded by Rachel Robasciotti, and is a sister company of Robasciotti & Philipson. Both firms are based in San Francisco.

Adasina's Theory of Change

We believe that transformed systems are best created by people outside of traditional power structures who carry new perspectives. By building a diverse team that reflects the communities for which we seek justice, we created a new kind of investing based on the needs of those most impacted by our existing inequitable systems.

In partnership with social justice organizations within these communities, we define the criteria that guide our investments. We use this community-sourced wisdom to educate and mobilize other investors with campaigns that amplify the needs, perspectives, and voices of impacted communities throughout the financial system.

Adasina’s four interlocking levers work in unison, never losing sight of the transformative influence on our communities and the planet.

Our Team

Adasina was founded by a queer, Black woman. We’re proud to be a company that is majority-owned and operated by women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community, a diverse team that reflects the impacted communities for which we seek justice.

Rachel J. Robasciotti

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Maya Philipson

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Derek Belew

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Leo Freeman

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Elizabeth Gilbert Kaetzel

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Sandy Holmes

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Renee Morgan

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Diane Manuel

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Kevin O’Neal-Smith

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Kristina Richardson

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Roberto Thornton

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The Meaning of Adasina

“Adasina” was inspired by a similar word in Yoruba that means, “She opens the way.” Our African American founder learned of her connection to the Yoruba people as she researched her own West African ancestry decades ago. When it was time to give our work a distinctive name, we looked for inspiration in traditions that held meaning for the people on our team. “Opening the way” is a beautiful reflection of our mission, serving as a bridge between social justice movements and financial markets.