A Coalition for Change

Adasina’s strategic investor campaigns do the work of ensuring values-aligned investors are working in solidarity with one another and, more importantly, with impacted communities.

Actions Speak Loudest

The impact that one individual investor can make is meaningful. But the impact of many, working alongside one another with access to the right resources – has the power to change the world.

Our strategic investor campaigns focus on the areas of Racial, Gender, Economic, and Climate justice. Each one is powered by one or more offerings in our Adasina Investor Organizing Toolkit: resources developed with our Social Justice Partners to inform, mobilize, and support members of our Adasina Community.

Investor Organizing Toolkit


Investor Statements allow the Adasina Community to take a collective, public stance against systemic injustices. Developed with Adasina’s social justice partners, Investor Statements define and outline actionable steps investors and publicly traded companies can take toward policies that seek to reform and eliminate systemic inequities. See all of our Investor Statements here.


Adasina works with Social Justice Partners to create and release data about the behavior of publicly-traded companies. We partner with social justice organizations to identify the metrics investors can use to advance social justice movement goals. Where relevant data does not already exist, we work closely with Social Justice Partners to create a new dataset. We then publicize the dataset, integrate it into our own portfolios, and organize investors to influence companies and governments to change harmful practices that contribute to systemic injustice. Explore our Investor Datasets here. 


By leveraging our voice in the media and across our investor networks, Adasina seeks to uplift the needs and insights of our social justice partners across the industry, ensuring that investors learn about the most relevant levers of change for social justice. Explore our Thought Leadership here.

Adasina's Strategic Investor Campaigns

OUR MISSION: To uproot systems that reinforce, perpetuate, and exacerbate racial inequities. We organize investors to join us in divesting from companies that Adasina determines participate in, or benefit from, those unjust systems.

As a Black-owned company, Adasina’s involvement in this sector is extensive and multi-faceted. In June 2020, in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, we publicly released our entire dataset of our Racial Justice Exclusion List so others could access this important data. This list made national headlines in the New York Times, Bloomberg, the Financial Times, and Financial Planning Magazine, among others.


Investor Statement

As a leading member of Racial Justice Investing (RJI) coalition, Adasina co-created the Investor Statement of Solidarity to Address Systemic Racism and Call to Action. Read the Investor Statement here.


Investor Dataset

Our Racial Justice Investor Dataset includes companies that contribute to systemic racism, including prison involvement, money bail, surveillance, and other practices. View our full Racial Justice Investor Dataset here.


Thought Leadership

We raise awareness of systemic racial inequities through national media placements and our ongoing Race in Finance series. We also serve as a leading voice in support of racial equity within the financial industry contributing critical resources and insights throughout our networks. Find examples of our Thought Leadership here.

OUR MISSION: Ensure safe and fair opportunities for all people, regardless of gender identity. We organize investors to join us in divesting from companies with policies and practices that do not support gender equity and LGBTQ+ equality.

In 2019, Adasina created the Force the Issue Campaign to end forced arbitration for sexual harassment claims. Forced arbitration has been shown to favor employers over harassment survivors and silence the victims, creating a culture of acceptance of sexual harassment in the workplace.

So far, this coalition has effectively persuaded 300 publicly traded companies to publicly disavow the use of forced arbitration policies for sexual harassment claims. Over 10 million workers now know that they can take a workplace harasser/abuser to court. For more information, click here.


Investor Statement

As a leader of the #ForcetheIssue Campaign, Adasina created the Investor Statement in Support of Ending Forced Arbitration for Sexual Harassment Claims. Investors representing more than $54 billion have signed the letter. Read the Investor Statement here.


Investor Dataset

Adasina works with investors representing $54 billion in assets, as well as consumer activism group Grab Your Wallet Alliance (GYWA), and the workplace equity data group LedBetter, to create a public database that dynamically captures whether or not corporations require employees to sign forced arbitration agreements for sexual harassment claims. Visit the Dataset here.


Thought Leadership

The campaign’s success has been featured in publications including the Washington Post, Wharton Dollars & Change Podcast, Wealth Management, and CNBC, and publicly supported by a wide range of gender justice leaders, including Gretchen Carlson, Alyssa Milano, and Ellen K. Pao. Find examples of our Thought Leadership here.

OUR MISSION: To create a fair and equitable financial future for all people and communities. We organize investors to join us in divesting from companies who fail to deal fairly with the public or their own employees.

Adasina and One Fair Wage founded Investors for Livable Wages to demand payment of livable wages and eliminating poverty wages.


Investor Statement

As a leader of Investors for Livable Wages, Adasina created the “Investor Statement in Support of Ending the Subminimum Wage.” Investors representing more than $548 billion have signed the letter. Read the Investor Statement here.


Investor Dataset

Our Subminimum Wage Investor Dataset includes companies that fail to pay the legally-mandated minimum wage to their employees, contributing to increased poverty and economic injustice. View the Subminimum Wage Investor Dataset here.


Thought Leadership

Campaign resources empower stakeholders (i.e., workers, investors, and consumers) to make informed choices and leverage their power to change corporate behavior. Find examples of our Thought Leadership here.

OUR MISSION: To advance the goals of environmental sustainability in partnership with intersectional social justice movements. We organize investors to join in divesting from companies that Adasina determines significantly contribute to climate change, lack environmentally sustainable practices, or negatively impact air and water quality.

As part of Adasina’s Extractive Agriculture Campaign, and in alignment with movements at the forefront of racial and climate justice, Adasina divests, and organizes other investors to divest, from the most troubling areas of the industrial agriculture industry.

Over a nine-month period, we initiated multiple convenings with social justice partners to learn how best to invest at the intersection of racial justice and climate change. By lifting up the voices of leaders in progressive movements for racial and climate justice, we found a compelling connection between the two – the devastating impact of the industrial agriculture system on the planet, particularly in communities of color across the globe.


Investor Dataset

Our Extractive Agriculture Investor Dataset includes companies that substantially contribute to climate change in ways that disproportionately impact poor communities and people of color through participation in extractive agriculture. The Hewlett Foundation has sponsored the completion of this dataset and investor organizing via a grant to Adasina and our partners. Public version of this data is coming soon!


Thought Leadership

As part of our Extractive Agriculture initiative, Adasina initiates regular convenings with social justice partners to learn how best to invest at the intersection of racial justice and climate change. We are committed to sharing this information, as it becomes available, with our Adasina investment community. Find examples of our Thought Leadership here.

The Adasina Project

The Adasina Project is our non-profit vehicle for change, dedicated to structuring and maintaining a bridge between impacted communities and investors in financial markets.


Why did we create the Adasina Project?

Our social justice partners require financial support to sustain their movement-critical work. Through our collaboration with Full Spectrum Labs, the Adasina Project can direct or designate funds to partner organizations critical to advancing movement goals, providing investors another avenue for supporting impacted communities.

To donate, follow the link below and list "Adasina Project Foundation" as the recipient fund.

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