The Heart of Adasina

Every member of our stakeholder community – including our Staff, Social Justice Partners, and supporters of the Adasina Project – are considered vital to our work.

The Adasina Community

At Adasina, we intentionally create community and accountability with stakeholders who share our values in the pursuit of social justice. Together, we are part of a larger movement to reimagine our financial system. Every member of our stakeholder community – including our Staff, Social Justice Partners, and the Adasina Project – is vital to our work.

Social Justice Partners work with Adasina in various capacities, all helping to shape our work with community-sourced wisdom.

By partnering with social justice leaders from organizations that have an established nationwide staff and infrastructure, we form the relationships and collect the data needed to make a large-scale, systemic impact. These organizations also have the expertise and ability to act as thought leaders, campaign collaborators, and bridge-builders between finance and social justice movements.


Stewardship Circle

Our Stewardship Circle is a trusted group of advisors who are both knowledgeable in financial markets and leaders in social justice movements. This circle advises on our investment portfolios and provides accountability to the communities they represent.

Dov Baum. Ph.D.

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Erika Thi Patterson

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Kate Finn

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Marcuz James

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Phuong Luong

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Taj James

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Tanay Tatum-Edwards

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Campaign Partners

Campaign Partners work with Adasina to pursue specific goals within racial, gender, economic, or climate justice. They contribute to building critical datasets, industry organizing, and aligning our impact with existing social justice movements.


Movement Partners

Movement Partners collaborate with us to integrate intersectional social justice issues into our investment criteria and focus our investor organizing efforts. As social justice organizations embedded within the communities we seek to impact, they are our national and international leaders in movements for racial, gender, economic, and climate justice. A few of our partners are below.


Resource Partners

Resource Partners are fellow leaders and field builders among social justice movements and in the investment industry. These partners are connectors who also provide reliable research and timely educational resources to the Adasina Community.

Disclaimer: Adasina Social Capital is not responsible for the content, services, or products of third parties herein. These organizations should not be construed as a recommendation, endorsement, or sponsorship by Adasina Social Capital, nor are they affiliated with or employed by Adasina Social Capital. They are provided for informational purposes only.

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