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Roberto Thornton

Investment Strategist

Roberto brings his industry expertise and experience as a social justice advocate to his role as Investment Strategist. At Adasina he leads the public equities and fiscal justice fixed income investment management process and oversees implementation of Adasina products in the marketplace.

Prior to Adasina, Roberto held roles at Vanguard including, Senior Investment Operations Analyst, specializing in the valuation and collateral management of over-the-counter derivatives positions, Lean Management Specialist, specializing in process improvement, and Brokerage Professional. Prior to working in investment management, Roberto worked in Retail Banking for national and regional banks. During his time in retail banking, Roberto helped Southwest and West Philadelphia residents with financial literacy to create successful pathways for building credit and homeownership.

Roberto is dedicated to showing visibility and creating a voice for the Transgender community. He has contributed to the intersections of Black and Transgender advocacy topics within his places of employment and community by, in the past, assisting in the creation of a Transgender Employment Guide and consulting across sectors within the local Philadelphia community. Roberto is a former Board Member of the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund and completed the New Leaders Council Fellowship Program, inducting him into a network of local changemakers across identities, industries, and issues to make collective impact.

Roberto is a Louisville, Kentucky native and currently lives in Philadelphia, where he attended the Fox School of Business at Temple University.