Srishti headshot

Srishti Assaye

Director, Communications

As Adasina’s Communications Director, Srishti Assaye is responsible for the development and implementation of communications strategies across the firm. As someone who was brought up in a family that believes in applying their individual skills and knowledge to serve humanity, Srishti fulfills a personal ambition in this role: to work for an organization that matches her family’s values. As a result, Srishti is gratified to be able to leverage her communications expertise for a firm that creates a significant impact and a positive difference in many lives.

Over the years, Srishti has developed a track record as a subject matter expert in corporate communications and communications analytics. Most recently, as a Senior Account Executive at FiComm Partners (FiComm)—an integrated communications agency with a focus on financial services—she independently led numerous media relations initiatives, securing top-tier media interviews and coverage for a variety of financial services firms. She executed strategic communications plans for some of FiComm’s top clients, assisting and leading campaigns that required editing media conversations and creating comprehensive marketing campaigns aligned with client communication and business goals. In addition, she helped FiComm’s clients revamp their thought-leadership and media reputation by drafting strategic content including press releases, bylined articles, industry surveys, and media messaging, and led the development and execution of strategic public relations and marketing initiatives around corporate conferences.

Previously, at the United Nations Development Group (UNDG), Srishti had the opportunity to work with various international organizations, assisting country office teams to improvise and effectively implement content strategies. During her tenure with the UNDG, she was also given the opportunity to manage UNDG’s social media accounts. By creating a comprehensive content strategy, she increased UNDG’s Twitter follower count by 23 percent and increased the number of average impressions per tweet by 35 percent. She also drafted the social media plan for one of the General Assembly events, which was then carried out by social media specialists from UNICEF, WHO, and UNDP—earning UNDG more than 200 followers within two hours. Furthermore, she applied her creative skills to improve their content marketing strategies by designing infographics and creating blog posts to be shared across all UNDG communication channels.

A native of Chandigarh, India, Srishti migrated to the United States in 2015 to obtain her Master’s in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from New York University. Srishti also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, which further complements her analytical approach to her communications career.

Additionally, her Indian and Ethiopian background, combined with her enriching experiences in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and other African and Asian countries, continues to bring a unique blend of cultures and perspectives to her passion for social change.