Adasina's First 3 Years in Review:

Social Justice Investing
Impact & Performance

The inaugural Q1 2024 Investor Briefing will summarize our first three years of Social Justice Investing, showcasing our impact stories and investment performance.


Adasina Social Capital presents its Quarterly Investor Briefings, featuring highlights of Social Justice Investing in action, including key impact stories and investment achievements. In this inaugural Briefing, we will share a retrospective of our first three years of community-centered public markets impact asset management.

Join our CEO & Founder, Rachel J. Robasciotti, and our Social Justice Director, Renee Morgan, as they share actionable insights on aligning investment portfolios to create a large-scale impact in the financial markets.


Rachel J. Robasciotti
CEO & Founder

Renee Morgan
Director, Social Justice

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Adasina’s Latest Racial Justice Investment Screens

This Briefing offers an opportunity to gain deeper insights into how Adasina collaborates with its Social Justice Partners, how we implement these screens in our portfolio to align with the ongoing work of racial justice movements, and how we advance that work in financial markets.