IEN Leading With Justice

At Adasina we work in community with a wide variety of social justice groups, values aligned investors, and industry organizations. Adasina’s Social Justice Director, Renee Morgan, contributed to this report, Leading with Justice: Net Zero Investing & Conversations on Climate Justice that provides a background and working definition of climate justice; argues that climate justice is central to reaching net-zero goals; and provides practical methods for implementing climate justice in investment portfolios.


“Roadmaps to net-zero have often been ill-defined and miss the importance of justice in mitigating climate change and reversing the harm it has had on communities, especially communities of color.” This report explores Climate Justice not only as a moral cause, but as a highly efficient tool for combatting pollution, climate change, and their effects on human health and global ecosystems.


We are proud to work in collaboration with the following author and contributors:

  • Pedro Henriques da Silva, GEM
  • Georges Dyer, IEN
  • Tracy Gray, The 22 Fund
  • Paul Rissman, Rights CoLab
  • Kaede Kawauchi, Ceres
  • Lindsey White, Ceres
  • Kelly Major Green, Graystone
  • Madeline Clark, Cambridge
  • Carol Jeppesen, UNPRI