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Adrienne Parker

Communications Specialist

Adrienne Parker is an award-winning writer, storyteller, and educator who brings a wealth of experience to Adasina. She has spent seven years teaching in public Montessori schools after working over a decade for newspapers and as a communications specialist for non-profit organizations.

During their time at 9to5 –National Association of Working Women – Adrienne’s robust database of personal narratives helped them successfully pitch stories to local and national media outlets, advancing 9to5’s campaigns for Paid Family Leave and housing justice. He also had the unique opportunity to help shape the message and brand of a large behavioral health nonprofit struggling to rebrand itself amid a tumultuous economy and decreased mental health funding.

Through it all, narrative storytelling has been at the heart of their work in education and communications. She has a strong background in social justice and is committed to continuous self-reflection and community work to address pressing social issues.

At Adasina, Adrienne will work closely with the team’s Communications Director and will be responsible for content creation on various platforms, copy editing, and assisting in the overall communications strategy and implementation.

Adrienne is excited to live their values in a workplace where everyone is honored, seen, and upheld. They currently live in Eugene, Oregon, with their wife and two chihuahua mutts, where they hope to create an intentional community on a little piece of land.