Gender Justice

Insights on using investments to ensure corporations provide safe and equitable opportunities to all people, regardless of their gender identities

New database aims to expose companies that make employees arbitrate sexual harassment claims

The Washington Post featured Force the Issue, co-founded by Rachel Robasciotti, and its work to “expose companies that make employees arbitrate sexual harassment claims.” More than 100 companies have already reported that…

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A Paradigm Shift in Sexual Harassment Culture

Financial Planning’s podcast, The In|Vest Podcast, featured Rachel J. Robasciotti speaking on her efforts to create “A ‘paradigm shift’ in sexual harassment culture.” Around the 4:15 min mark, Rachel talks about how…

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Should Firms End Forced Arbitration for Sexual Harassment Claims?

Financial Planning covered Rachel Robasciotti and Force the Issues efforts to end forced arbitration for sexual harassment in pursuit of gender justice. “[There is] probably nothing more important that we can do,”…

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Ken Fisher’s remarks about women show the financial advice industry has a long way to go

“Billionaire investor Ken Fisher has made headlines for lewd comments at an investment conference” in Fall 2019, and CNBC interviewed Rachel Robasciotti about the incident. As one of the only people to…

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I Spoke Out to Expose an Abuse of Power: A Note from our Founder, Rachel J. Robasciotti

Last week I was invited to speak at a conference for CEOs and executives in the financial services industry. At the conference, Ken Fisher, founder of the second-largest firm in our industry…

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Force the Issue Leads on Ending Sexual Harassment at Work

We’re happy to share an update on a project that Robasciotti & Philipson has been working on: the Force the Issue campaign and database documenting sexual harassment policies at major publicly traded…

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